No matter what your favourite surface is Siméon Courts will meet your requirements.

The surfaces provided are all guaranteed and built in compliance with the standards of the French and International Tennis Federations and Afnor P.90.110. 

Clay, which is over 100 years old, is an indisputable safe bet that is much appreciated by players all over the world for its aesthetics, its comfort, and the skills of the game it encourages. Siméon Courts excel in this domain - they built Roland Garros in the 80s!

Lovers of open-air sport whatever the weather or the season will be won over by Permasol, a porous concrete whose long-lasting properties and the absence of maintenance make it one of the most popular surfaces today. 

The needs of the modern world have led to the creation of artificial clay that can be used all year round to provide the same sensations as those of traditional clay courts; it also requires very little maintenance. This has contributed to the success of Clay Tech, a major technical advance that has more than proved itself.

People who like more technical surfaces can play on one made of synthetic resin, Resisoft, whose speed can be adjusted during the installation in open air depending on people’s wishes, whether in sunny climes or indoors.   

A more supple version of porous concrete prevents injury to the more fragile parts of the body while retaining the qualities of the game on asphalt.

To meet the requirements of clay court players in covered courts, Terbat provides a very solid crushed brick surface, which does not require any renovation on an annual basis. 

Players who want to have irreproachable aesthetics in multiple colours and comfortable conditions whatever the season, should opt for Top Slide, a surface of incorruptible porous membrane with the possibility of slide by adding rubber granules.

Other surfaces

On request, we can provide you with other surfaces meeting all the quality standards: synthetic grass, rubberised surface, etc.