Siméon courts look after the spring revamp of traditional clay courts as well as those in schist and metamorphic rock. Every year for clubs or private individuals we work on almost 200 courts between mid-March and mid-April so that you can begin playing as soon as possible. 

Clay is susceptible to frost heave and cracks and it has to be worked on as winter ends. The ground has to be carefully decompacted and raked either by hand or with the right machine (mechanical harrow). Decompacting is done carefully down to the cinders after which the levels are realigned, then it is recompacted, coloured by crushed brick and the tram lines traced.

Tracing the tram lines is done in traditional fashion using linseed oil and latex paint. They can also be laid with PVC profiles of which Siméon courts have carefully selected the best quality.

The Siméon court teams are only too pleased to train maintenance men who have the right touch to ensure the maintenance of this incomparable surface.