The playful side of this sport, which can last a lifetime, has always been an essential part of the Siméon Courts spirit. Some of their collaborators were, or still are for the younger members, excellent ranked players.

For over 50 years now Siméon Courts’ passion for tennis has driven the company to find the best quality materials, the most suitable techniques in terms of surfaces whose comfort and longevity are the main criteria of selection.

Thus, Siméon Courts were the first to work on porous asphalt surfaces and the first in the 70s to help perfect synthetic surfaces.

More recently, Siméon Courts have made a big contribution to the revival of clay courts by developing new techniques like artificial clay, under-watering systems, rain-proof covers, frost-proof covers, different colour clay courts and many other extras that they will be delighted to tell you about. Siméon Courts’ teams have the latest equipment adapted to the most demanding situations, and they are trained to cooperate fully when it comes to respecting the sites.

Building a tennis court will always have an artisanal touch about it. Siméon Courts have kept this spirit so as not to forget the skills of the art handed down through their years of experience.

The contractual guarantees of their courts and above all their references will, we hope, convince you of our skills in this field – “Long live tennis!”