Siméon courts give you with a complete service by providing all the supplies and equipment to revive and maintain your tennis court.


  • Crushed brick, limestone (products complying with Afnor P.90.110)

  • Linseed oil and latex paint

Porous concrete

  • Paint (acrylic and vinyl copolymers with silica and anti-slip pumice) in all colours.

  • Expansion joints in rubber granules linked by polyurethane resin in 10-metre rolls.

Synthetic resin

  • Hole filler, resin base, surface resin in 20-kilo tins, paint for the tram lines. 

Miscellaneous accessories

  • High-quality hand-made nets reinforced over 6 rows in the upper part, adjustable belt and stainless hooks to attach the net.

  • Steel referee chairs also available in exotic woods with writing pad and place for bag.

  • Sponge rollers for synthetic resin.

  • Drag mats for clay courts with handles in exotic wood and rope.

  • Galvanised and plastic fencing (all elements) in all kinds of colours, 45-mm square mesh.

  • Anti-moss product.