As soon as you contact us we arrange a meeting to visit the site of the project and examine the nature of the terrain, the access, the environment, and the respect of already-existing buildings, the vegetation plus the integration of the project to provide the best possible aesthetic solution. Everything is taken into account when drawing up the estimate.

We pay close attention to your wishes and give you the technical explanations during our visit. A number of choices for the surface best adapted to your playing needs, as well as the physical and geographical aspects, or a court adapted to competition are shown to you from among the wide range of our playing surfaces.

Your clear detailled estimate is drawn up in just a few days and sent to you by email and by post with a summary of the special features that apply to your project.

The range of surfaces offered by Siméon courts is wide enough to enable everybody to find the playing surface that best suits their requirements. From traditional clay to comfortable artificial clay court surfaces as well as porous concrete and synthetic resins, Siméon courts provide you with just the right solution to meet your needs.  

A Siméon court is the result of in-depth reflection both in its design and its implantation in agreement with your wishes – even the most extravagant! Sometimes we build old-style tennis courts with fencing from the 50s, wooden posts or quite the opposite with the most modern surfaces in daring colours.

While the life of a tennis court can be estimated at around 20 years, a number of courts built by Siméon have exceeded the 25-year mark. Some of them only require an intervention to refresh the surface paint and revise the fencing.

Tastes evolve; surfaces improve gaining in flexibility and performance. Someone who liked concrete will, some 20 years later, want to preserve his/her articulations by opting for a softer surface. 

In order to relieve you of any worries Siméon courts look after the maintenance of your tennis court.

No matter what kind of surface you have the Siméon courts teams can intervene from time to time, or periodically by contract, renewable on a yearly basis.  

Siméon courts look after the spring revamp of traditional clay courts as well as those in schist and metamorphic rock. Every year for clubs or private individuals we work on almost 200 courts between mid-March and mid-April so that you can begin playing as soon as possible. 

The colour of a tennis court doesn’t last forever. It is damaged by ultra-violet rays, the rubbing of shoes and it has to be redone to protect the surface.

Siméon courts give you with a complete service by providing all the supplies and equipment to revive and maintain your tennis court.